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Quarterly Assessments

Quarterly Payments

  • Madison Green Master Association quarterly payments for 2021 are $459. 
  • Assessments are due on January 1st,  April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. If payment is not received in the Madison Greens account by the 30th,  a late fee of $25.00 is applied to your account. 
  • Please use your Payment Coupons to make your quarterly payments.  Your payments will be immediately posted to your account, therefore avoiding possible late fees.  ACH & Online Bill Pay are options and the instructions for these are on the inside of your coupon book.
  • Make sure your MG # is written on your check.   Payments are to be made payable to MADISON GREEN MASTER ASSOCIATION, INC. 
  • We do NOT recommend taking your payment to a local BB&T bank.
  • Payments should be sent to the address on the coupon (BB&T Association Services, PO Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862-8207).  If you bring your payment to a local BB&T branch, your payment will be mailed to Orlando.  Your payment will not be posted to your account until received in Orlando.  Please allow a few business days for mailing.
  • Please call the Clubhouse at 561-793-1715, if you have questions.