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Quarterly Assessments

Quarterly Payments

  • Madison Green Master Association’s Quarterly payments for 2024 are $495. 
  • Assessments are due on January 1st,  April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. If your payment does not clear by the 30th of the Quarter due, a late fee of $25 will be applied to your account. 
  • Just as a reminder there are two association payments due Quarterly. The first payment is due to the Master Association. The second payment is due to your Sub Association. Click the “Sub Association” tab for your village management company’s contact information.

Payment Options

  • TOPS is the portal used to make payments online. Payments are instantly posted when made online and even offer the option of setting up autopay payments. The link to register or access the online portal is
  • Use your Payment Coupons to mail your Quarterly assessments. Payments should be mailed to the address on the coupon (Madison Green Master Assoc, PO Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862- 8207). Please ensure the payment is sent in by the 15th of the month to ensure the payment has cleared the MGMA bank account before the 30-day grace period ends.
  • You can access your MGMA account online through the Tops Autopay portal. This portal will allow you to make one-time payments, set up AutoPay, review payment activity, and see association correspondence among other things. If you make a one-time payment, the payment will post immediately to the account. If you set up Autopay through the portal, please allow 3 business days for your payment to process. If you would like to register, please send a request email to [email protected] with your name, address, and email address you wish to set up your account with. We will then, send you a link to get started and you will be asked to follow the prompts provided. We strongly recommend all residents get registered to use this portal, as it is one of the easiest options to make your payment.
  • Set up online Bill Pay through your bank and schedule the payments Quarterly. The account number is located on your coupon voucher. Please remember to include your address # which is listed as your unit # on the coupon. The mailing address is on the inside of your coupon book and is also listed above.
  • We recommend that you do NOT take your payment to a local BB&T bank. Payments should be mailed to the address on the coupon (Madison Green Master Assoc, PO Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862- 8207).  If you bring your payment to a local BB&T branch, your payment will be mailed to Orlando. Your payment will not be posted to your account until received in Orlando. Please allow a few business days for mailing.

If you misplaced your payment book or account number, or you have any questions please call us at 561-793-1715.