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ARC Procedures and Forms

Any changes made to your property must be approved by your Village Management Company or your Village ARC (Architectural Review Committee) and the Master ARC.


Approved by the MGMA – revised 2.27.19

Homeowners must be current in their Madison Green Master dues and have no outstanding unpaid fees associated with their property in order for their ARC application to be considered.  The exception to this regulation is applications for beautification, i.e. painting, landscaping, or installation of satellite dish.

All Architectural Change Applications received by the Madison Green Master Association require a refundable deposit — no exceptions.  The reason for the deposit is to ensure the homeowner returns the MGMA “Request for Final Inspection” form once the project is completed.  All ARC requests to have refundable ARC deposits returned must be completed within 7 (seven) months of the MGMA approval or the deposit will be forfeited.

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining the necessary building permits and any other documentation from the Village of Royal Palm Beach.

Homeowners are responsible for complying with any and all easements that may be involved in the installation of their project, including, but not limited to Utility/Drainage/Canal/Lake easements.

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining a valid survey before beginning any project.

 If there is any potential of a project changing the elevation of any part of a homeowner’s property, then the homeowners are responsible for obtaining an elevation survey before any work begins.  NOTE:  This is not part of the Madison Green Master ARC review process.

 The Village ARC Committees and/or the Village Management Companies are responsible for confirming the accuracy of all projects being applied for before signing off and submitting the materials to the Master ARC for final approval.  This includes, but not limited to, neighboring fence locations, etc.

Architectural Change Applications can be downloaded
or obtained at the the Madison Green Clubhouse.

HOTLINK:  Madison Green Master Association Architectural Application 10-10-2016-revised

HOTLINKARC Rules and Guidelines 2.27.19


Each Village may have specific requirements that must be adhered to (please check with your individual Village for these stricter regulations).

To begin, go to the Clubhouse and pick up an Architectural Change Application packet or just click on the hotlink above.  This packet consists of the application, the Homeowner’s Acknowledgement letter, and the Madison Green Master Architectural Guidelines.

After completing the application and attaching any required items, mail or drop them off to your Village Management Company or your Village ARC, for Village approval.  Check with your specific Village for their submission procedure.