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Comcast Updates


Residents of Madison Green can now call for the new Comcast X1 package which includes basic cable with the digital preferred line up along with the internet.   Please call Comcast at 1-800-934-6489

If you have additional questions, please email them to the Clubhouse office at [email protected] or contact the management office at 561-793-1715

Things to know:
1) a. Internet – Your current monthly internet bill should disappear once the new service is implemented, as internet will be included in our new services. Comcast currently provides internet to most homeowners at speeds ranging from about 25 mbps (megabits per second) to 150 mbps. Our new internet speed will be up to 1,000 mbps (1 Gig). While each person’s home computer equipment and other factors will affect the actual speed, each of us should still end up with speed higher than we each have now. Our contract provides for no data caps throughout the life of the contract. Realistically, more than 99% of users are normally not affected by the Comcast Data Cap anyway, but at least we have the peace of mind of not having to worry if too much streaming of movies will cause a problem. Finally, the internet (and Cable TV), will be brought to us by “Fiber To The Home”, which should provide for greater reliability.
b. Modem – If you are currently renting your modem from Comcast, those monthly charges will disappear.
c. Comcast X1 Platform – Each of us will receive the X1 Platform. Comcast representatives will provide several demonstrations of the features and benefits of the X1 Platform on different days and times at the Clubhouse for our residents. The X1 Platform is also upgradeable over time via internet downloads. For the many residents that currently pay for the X1 Platform, those monthly fees will disappear once the MGMA starts paying Comcast the higher fees. Remember it is your responsibility to call Comcast to set an appointment to come into your homes.
d. Cable TV’s – Each of us will be able to have up to 4 (four) TV’s hooked up with HD Service, and up to 3 (three) of those TV’s can have DVR service, all included in the contract. As such, if you are currently being charged for having extra TV’s hooked up, are being charged for HD service, are being charged for DVR service, all of those monthly fees should disappear (up to the number of TV’s provided in the new contract).
e. Channel Line Up – We currently have in our existing/old contract Comcast’s Digital Starter Channel Line Up. The new contract provides for the enhanced Digital Preferred Channel Line Up for up to three TV’s. For the many residents currently paying for that enhanced Digital Preferred line up, that monthly charge will also disappear.
In summary, for most homeowners, their current monthly bill for internet and Cable TV will disappear once the MGMA starts paying Comcast the higher fees. However, telephone services, alarm services, sports packages, other premium channels, and on demand purchases will still be billed directly to homeowners.