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Painting Your Home

Changing your House Color

Currently the most frequent request at Madison Green is exterior house painting. Below are the current procedures:

Please be advised that Architectural Change Application must be completely filled out and all required attachments must be included, or else you risk delaying your request.

To change the house color, you must first look at the color chart and determine which color scheme best suits your needs.  Everything is already coordinated based on the roof color of your home.

Remember that everything is based on your roof color and no mixing and matching of color schemes available only for other roof colors is permissible.  For example, if your roof tile color is Mango, then you are allowed to choose from all of the color schemes that list Mango as your roof color.

After you have decided what color you would like, obtain an Architectural Change Application package from the front desk at the Madison Green Clubhouse or the hotlink found on the ARC Procedures and Forms tab.   Fill it out completely and include the following:

1) You MUST attach the following (as this is a Madison Green Master Association regulation) or your Architectural Change Application will be delayed:  the most current survey and lot map of your home.

It is your responsibility to check with your Village to determine if all approved colors are approved for your specific Village, since not all Villages allow all colors.

After completing the application and attaching any required items, mail or drop them off to your Village Management Company or your Village ARC, for Village approval.  Check with your specific Village for their submission procedure.

See Hotlink below for the Madison Green Color Chart:


If you have any questions, please contact your Village Property Manager.