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Madison Green Master Association Estoppel Requests:

  • Due to current health crisis, the mgma office is only able to accept estoppels via Fedex, UPs between the hours of 10am-2pm Monday through Friday.
  • Contact: Kristin Loomis (Assistant Manager)-

Fee: $250.00

Checks are made out to:  Madison Green Master Association

Mailing Address: 2003 Crestwood Blvd North, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411.


Please note that each Village has their own Association.

Palm Estates, Pinehurst, Oakmont, Saybrook, Lexington, The Estates, Ashford, Walden & Royal Estates.

Tallfield Associates -561-983-6000


Sea Breeze Community Management – 561-626-0917


Max Mollohan 561-784-5032