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FAQ by MGMA Residents

Frequently Asked Questions by Madison Green Homeowners

Q1.  How much are the MGMA assessments and is it monthly or quarterly?

A1.  The MGMA assessment is $330.00, and it is quarterly.  The payments can be dropped off at the Clubhouse at the front desk, or can be mailed with your coupon to the BB&T lockbox (see  coupon book for details).  There are also instructions with your coupon book to set up automated bill pay.

Q2.  I just moved in what do I do? How do I gain access to the Clubhouse?

A2.  NOTE:  In addition to the Master Association, each Village has their own Village Association.  Please contact your Village Management Company for their information.

For the Master Association, you need to come into the Clubhouse to pick up an access card application.  You will need to fill it out and bring it back during office hours between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday.

If you have just purchased a house, you will need to bring in your warranty deed and the driver’s license for anyone applying for a card.  If your name is not on the warranty deed, the address on your driver’s license must have the Madison Green address.  The first two cards are free, and any additional cards are $10 each, which must be paid with a check or money order.  No cash payments are accepted.  Please note that everyone 16 years of age and older will need a card.

If you are a new renter, you will need to call your Village Management Company and ask them to fax us a copy of your lease.  Only the people listed in the lease agreement are eligible for a Clubhouse access card.  You will also need to bring in a $10 check or money order for each card.

Q3.  How do I get a new gate clicker or change the number in the call box?

A3.  The gates are managed by your Village Management Company.  Please contact them for any gate issues.

Q4.  I just want to paint my house.  Do I have to fill out anything?

A4.  Yes, painting the outside of your house (even the “same” color), as well as any changes to landscaping, fences etc. require an ARC.  Please see the ARC section of the website for the ARC application and the MGMA Rules and Guidelines.

Q5.  How much are the dues for my Village, and how often are these payments due?

A5.  The dues vary between each Village.  You will have to contact your Village Management Company for the exact amount and the date payments are due.

Q6.  Can I drop off my Village payment at the MGMA Clubhouse?

A6.  No, the Clubhouse is only responsible for Madison Green Master Association payments. Please contact your Village Management Company for information pertaining to your Village payments.  You can locate your specific Village Management Company by visiting the section of the website “Other, Madison Green Villages, Village Managers”, or by calling the office (561-793-1715).

Q7.  I’m having a guest stay with me for an extended period of time.  What can I do so they have access to the Clubhouse?

A7.  Your guest must be an out-of-county resident and have identification (i.e. Driver’s license or Passport) to gain access to the Clubhouse without being accompanied by a Homeowner.  Guests can be put on a guest list for two (2) weeks at a time.  However, the Homeowner must accompany the guest to the Clubhouse the first time to the to put them on the guest list.  The guest must have identification each time he/she comes to the Clubhouse.  It is also important for your guest to know your Madison Green house number, as they will be required to be signed in each time.  If a guest is staying for more than two (2) weeks, the Homeowner must accompany their guest to the Clubhouse at the end of the initial period to renew their guest status.  NOTE:  Guest gym use has restricted hours of use.  Guests that live in Palm Beach County must be accompanied by the Homeowner each time they come to the Clubhouse and the Homeowner must remain with them at all times.

Q8.  Is it possible to rent out the Patio room?

A8.  Yes. The fee to rent the Patio is $150, plus a $200 deposit that will be returned after the party if the room has been restored to the pre-party condition.  There is a 40 person limit, and rental of the Patio does not give the Resident and their party guests’ access to any other part of the Clubhouse other than the Patio and the pool.  The room is rented for three (3) hours. The time frames are:  8 AM – 11 AM, 12 PM – 3 PM, AND 4 PM – 7 PM.

Q9.  When I rent the Patio, do I get any additional time before or after the event for set up and clean up?

A9.  You are allowed 30 minutes before an event to set up and 30 minutes after a party to clean up and arrange the room as it was prior to the event.  If you need more time before the party to set up, be advised that the Patio is still open to residents and the Clubhouse is not responsible for any damages or losses that you may face.  If you need more time after a party to clean up, again, be advised that the Patio is open to residents.  Cleaning supplies will be provided to you after the event is over.

Q10.  Is it possible to have an event at the ballroom across the street?

A10.  The ballroom across the street is owned and operated by the MG Golf Course.  The MGMA has no affiliation with the MG Golf Course.  Please call the MG Golf Club (561-784-5225) for more information.

Q11.  Is it possible to have an event at MarBar?

A11.  The MarBar is owned and operated by the MG Golf Course.  The MGMA has no affiliation with the MG Golf Course.  Please call the MG Golf Club (561-784-5225) for more information.

Q12.  What do the Madison Green Master Association quarterly assessments cover?

A12.  Your HOA fee covers a variety of things.  It cover the landscaping and irrigation of medians and common grounds along Crestwood Boulevard, the maintenance of the 22 lakes and preserves, the maintenance and upkeep of the Clubhouse including:  the landscaping, the spa, the children’s pool, the heated (and cooled during the summer months) swimming pool, the basketball and tennis courts, the gym, the staff salaries, and the basic Comcast cable.

Q13.  Can my child use the gym with me?

A13.  Yes, you may bring your child with you into the gym as long as they are at least 13 years of age and are under your strict supervision.  No children under the age of 13 are permitted to use the gym equipment.  You cannot leave your child in the gym while you visit other areas of the Clubhouse.  You must remain with them at all times.

Q14.  My child went to the Clubhouse with my card and was denied access. Why?

A14.  Each person entering the Clubhouse must have and use their own access card.  You may not use the card of another family member.  To receive a Clubhouse access card, the resident must be at least 16 years old.  Please see the Clubhouse rules section of the website for more information.

Q15.  I lost my access card.  Can I still use the Clubhouse?  How do I get a new one?

A15.  Yes, you can still use the Clubhouse until you find your card, or purchase a new card.  You must sign in at the front desk each time you enter the Clubhouse, and provide proper identification if you do not have your card.  You can purchase a new access card at the front desk.  To do this, you will be required to bring in a $10 check or money order and your show driver’s license.

Q16.  Can I bring a trainer, tutor, etc. to the Clubhouse?

A16.  Yes, you can fill out a “Hold Harmless” agreement and bring a copy of the first page of your Homeowners or Renters Insurance.